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Oberrō is a communal project in which practitioners from multiple fields and regions can engage and develop collaborative and experimental practices. The name Oberrō, which means both “to wander among” and “to err”, carries the founding concepts and structures of the project: a non-physical platform for artistic thinking and making, composed by an ever-changing group of nomadic practitioners with a diverse or at times no topic or practice of focus. The project refutes the establishment of borders, becoming a morphing and erratic initiative which envisions a diverse range of experimental practices, accepting the possibility and potentials of error/failures.

Oberrō is a communal project because we believe that each member of the community can become a host of activities, proposing independently or collectively, other activities and formats.

One of the ideas currently in development at Oberrō is the process of deconstructing the current structures of art and exhibition-making by applying communal culture and ethics to those processes, such as with the implementation of “house labs” and “home exhibitions” (maker-labs and exhibitions which are hosted by one or other people, in their own homes, and which are open to invited guests or open to the public).


Within its projects, Oberrō hosts artist-run residencies, open home labs, exhibitions and develops research and publications.



You can find the documentation of the projects developed through Oberrō in our Github Wiki page.

Collaborate with us

Oberrō’s page and archives are hosted at Github. Github is a web-based service which helps developers have better control of the versions and documentation process of their code-based projects. By providing tools for developers to contribute to each other’s projects, it is a platform which fosters openness, shareablility and collaboration.

For those same reasons, we use Github to share and document our projects and activities, inviting people to collaborate and contribute to the projects through Github.